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Anne Taylor

Anne was always comfortable in a quiet corner with a book or the loud competitive isolation of a volleyball court. “I was scared to death to speak in public”,  Anne says. Growing up in Alabama in a close-knit community where “ain’t” is a word and dinner isn’t dinner without cornbread, life was simple.  

Always a high achiever with a willingness to take risk, Anne’s grateful for all the people who entered her life and offered advice. Best career advice was to join a public speaking club. The second best was to learn how to type.” Best life advice, be yourself. Second best, “Go Big Girl”.

Anne dreamed of living an extraordinary life. With a determined attitude, a plan and action, she made a decision be free. “Freedom means having choices in life.”, 

Anne says.  She knows first- hand the ability to effectively express yourself is critical to personal and career happiness.

Dedicating years to learning the science of communication, Anne is a public speaking and body language expert.  She works with women who need a supportive environment while learning and practicing newly acquired skills. Afraid of public speaking? Don’t be.  Anne’s unique strategy to improving public speaking skills integrates confidence building tools and includes extensive in-class practice.


A dynamic speaker and workshop facilitator. Anne’s motto “Change Your Attitude Change Your Performance” reinforces the importance of positive thinking and its effect on behavior.

Anne presents her findings in her book, “Beyond Words: A Women’s Guide to Personal Power”.  Connect with Anne: call 678 571 8838 

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