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About Anne 

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Anne learned the importance of public speaking when she was put on the spot in 1983.  As an ambitious young woman praised for her professionalism. Anne admits that her outward appearance was professional but inside she was scared to death to share ideas. Encouraged, Anne made a decision and joined a public speaking organization that changed her life.  

More comfortable with a book, a quiet corner, and a glass of lemonade, Anne struggled sharing her ideas.  But even as a young woman she knew that in order to live an extraordinary life, it takes a happy attitude, a smart plan and action.  Anne also knows first- hand the ability to effectively communicate is critical to personal and career happiness.

as a public speaking expert, Anne works with women who need a supportive environment to learn and practice newly acquired skills. Afraid of public speaking?  Anne’s unique strategy to improving public speaking skills combines confidence building tools with emphasis on changing the way women think about themselves.  

A dynamic speaker and workshop facilitator. Anne’s motto ‘Change Your Attitude Change Your Performance” encourages women to harness the potential of positive thinking and reveals the transformative power that’s within each of us.  Anne works with you to design a plan that works.

Anne presents her findings in her book, “Beyond Words: A Women’s Guide to Personal Power”.  For more information: call 678 571 8838

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How We Work


Our process guarantees a customized workshop designed to meet your unique needs,  We take extraordinary efforts to understand you and your issues.

In-Person Training

Phone / Web Training IN-PERSON TRAINING

Planning  Beginning up to several weeks in advance, we confer with you about your needs, your trainees and their backgrounds.  We agree on an agenda and the logistics of our session.  You provide us with whatever background material you have on the issues your trainees will need to address.    

Preparation   We pride ourselves on our research, and we’ll uncover any hidden vulnerabilities that might arise in an interview or presentation.  We customize our presentation to your industry and trainee’s skill level.

Benchmark Interview   If you would like, we can conduct a pre-training mock interview with one of your trainees, simulating a media call.  We then write a brief news story based on that call, showing what can happen if you don’t take charge of an interview.  This story is presented as a kick-off to our workshop when we meet in person as a group.

There are a few simple rules of effective communications, and we “walk the talk” in our PowerPoint presentation, which includes video clips of communicators doing the right and wrong things.  Not a dry lecture, this is the fun part of the workshop where participants learn by example.  We laugh, we dance, we share. … we learn.

Role Play   After learning the theory, now it’s time to put it into practice.  We set up a realistic media scenario and role play a series of  scenarios  Each interview is followed by a confidence-building suggestion session of what went well and suggestions on areas of improvement.

Evaluation   Feedback is given with empathy and consideration.  Treat as you desire to be treated is our standard nevertheless improve comes from honesty.  We work from a position strengths, improvement and balance.

Debriefing   After the trainee leaves the workshop with new confident and ready to communicate, our work continues.  Acknowledging strengths and weaknesses.  We can prepare written reports or deliver them verbally.  And we’ll suggest a course of action to keep the learning underway.

Free Follow-up   

We’re committed to long-term relationships.  We’re happy to work with our trainees for 90 days with free telephone follow-ups, answering questions, doing more role playing, reviewing video tapes… whatever will keep our graduates on the beam.

Logistics   We bring our own video and computer gear.  You supply a training site (a small conference room is fine) and a TV set.  If it’s a big group, we might ask to borrow your LCD projector.  We keep it simple and affordable.


Phone Training   Role play by phone, saving you time and money.  This is especially effective when pending interviews will be done by phone, for print or radio for example.  If you’re prepping for face-to-face TV, satellite media tours or other TV opportunities we’d suggest working with us face to face.

Web Training   If you have access to Skype, Webx or similar internet training technology we can “meet” with you online.  Again, this training saves time, travel—and expense.


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